To keep Mogaine the strongest thing out there in beard-growing technology.

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Activate your webcam by clicking below and try on a test beard. We think you'll find that mo' beard is always better than no beard.

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"Life is way more delicious since I grew my beard. That may be because of all the food that gets stuck in it, though."

"I used to hate facial hair.
But then it grew on me."

"People call me sir now instead of 'hey you, stop stealing my lawn ornaments.' So that's nice. Can you hold this gnome for me?"

The effects of Mogaine are permanent. Very permanent. If you must sculpt or shape, we recommend an acetylcholine torch. Keep out of reach of children. Unless you want a bearded child. Then, hey, go for it. Some of the potential side effects of over-using Mogaine include: urge to move to a cabin in the woods and live off the land, a sudden increase in percentage of flannel in your wardrobe, and hives.

Mogaine is currently under review by the FDA, CDC, CIA, NSA, FBI, ATF, and WikiLeaks. Approval is pending, but not likely.